Hello 2020 – Goals, plans, travel

Happy New Year!

Welcome in 2020. 


Wow, I cannot believe that 2019 is already over and that we just started the New Year! My last year was full of adventure, excitement, lessons and positivity. Now I’m ready to start the next year. 

Since somedays ago started the New Year, I have some resolutions and changes in my life. I know resolutions are not for everyone and you don’t have to start your resolutions on New Year, but I like the thought about it. So today I wanna talk about my resolutions, plans for the future and my next vacations. 

Let´s start right away with my first resolution. This year I wanna start focusing more on my body, skin and healthiness. So I start in January a little challenge for myself. Everyday besides the weekends, I will go to my Gym and workout. It can be classes like Yoga or Zumba, swimming or just work with weights. My Goal is it build more muscles and get stronger, because that’s for me really important. So I don’t get in my Job later problems with my back. I wanna eat healthier, less candy´s and follow more the rainbow rule. My skin is pretty dry and has some pimples. So for that I wanna try in January to wear no make up, just for special events.  Right now I put a lot of make up on my face, so I feel more comfortable. I know for myself its a little challenge, I mean I don’t mind to go out without make up, but you know I kinda like to put make up on my face and try different styles out. 


Little fun fact: When I was younger I wanted to be a Make up Artist. 

Since I´m a little kid, my family and I flew every Year to “La Gomera”. It is one of Spain’s Canary Islands. My Parents and my brother speaking all Spanish and I just picked up some basics. This Year I definitely would like to learn spanish. Since last year I started to like the Sign Language. I start learning some basics in American Sign Language, but I forgot that I cannot use it in Germany. Learning German Sign Language is also one of the Languages that I wanna learn this year. 

I loved languages all the time, but I was always to lazy. Over my AuPair Year, I start to go back to it. 

When I was two years old, I start dancing. Dancing was always a big passion from me and helped me to get through some shit in my life. I feel that dancing has his own language and you can show  how you feel with it. I never choreographed my own dances but I wanna try this out. Alone or maybe with a friend. This year I wanna take some more professional dance lessons in Jazz Dance, Contemporary dance and hip hop. 

My third goal is, stop going five days a week to Starbucks. I know it´s pretty embarrassing but I always go to the same one and all the workers know my name and my order already. Since it is not only pretty expensive and unhealthy, I wanna save that money more for traveling. 

The last goal for this year is be more active on Instagram, my blog and Youtube. Last Year I finally decided to filming videos. There came videos about one week in my life or the differences between the German and the American rescue service. I wanna start to get more Videos on my channel and also would like to film some interviews with interesting people. Since my Cameras are back in Germany and I can get them back before end of march, I will hold this kind of videos back. 

Here are all my Goals written together for this year. 

  • everyday Gym, besides weekends
  • Eat healthier
  • Make up just for events
  • Learning Spanish and German sign language
  • Choreograph some dances 
  • Less or not at all Starbucks
  • More active on social Media

Many of you ask me: 

  • What you doing after your AuPair year?
  • Are you going back to Germany?
  • Will you keep working as a nanny? 
  • Do you come back?

Well, thats something that I can easily answer. My second year as an AuPair is in June over and after this I got one month to travel in the States. I’m not quite sure yet if I will travel the whole month but I planned to be back on July 25th. It is not completely sure that I will arrive that day, since my agency is gonna book the flight. 

After I’m back I will stay some time at home, go not working. I think I definitely will need some time to go back into the German culture and get used to it again. It will be a big difference to live again in Germany, speak no English, having no kids in the house and also I know I will get “Homesick”. My second American Hostfamily and this place here got for me my Home. I know Germany is my real home, but you know between here and Germany is big difference and I start building my live here and I’m completely happy here right now and could not imagine at all to go back. Could I do my Job here and my family would be here to, I totally would stay. I know I always will come back to America, my plan will be once a year and I’m gonna stay in contact with this family for sure. Let’s go back to what I’m doing after. When I had my break in Germany, I would love to go back into my Job in Bremen, I just love my coworkers there and I love the city, also when a lot of people not like it to much. Also I would love to start looking for an own apartment again, where I could move in 2021 in. Maybe getting a second Mini- job in modeling, acting, dancing or something in performing arts.


Since I have seven months for traveling and still my Vacation days left, I would like to use it this year a little bit more. 

In the end of January, I plan to travel with one of my besties over here to go to Alaska. We will camping there in a Nationalpark and enjoy five days there. For February I planned also a little vacation, but I can´t tell you yet from it. One of my favorite Vacations will be in March, because I’m gonna see my parents in Cuba again. First it is awesome that I can see my parents again and I love Cuba and wanna go there for sure. Well, in the other month that I left I will try to go again to Miami and in the end of my year to Hawaii. Maybe doing also a little roadtrip to the National Parks in California. 

That’s it for now. 

  • What was your favorite Moment in 2019?
  • Do you have any resolutions?
  • Will you travel somewhere in 2020?

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my resolutions, after my AuPair year plans and my vacation goals. 



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