I am back

Wow, it has been a long time since I wrote my last blogpost. Probably you wonder why I write now in „English“ and not „German“ anymore. Well, you know…I´m since June 2018 in the states and hear everyday English. My brain is in English, I dream in English, watch just American movies and of course in English. Every time when I want to write a new blogpost for you guys in German, I had no idea how to start or to write in German, because my brain just could think in English.

It sounds really complicated when you never been for a long time far away from home, in another country, with another language. And the people that did, there I can imagine that they know exactly what I´m talking about.

I think it confused me the couple of months so much, that I just said I don’t write anymore and also thought about to delete my blog. The thoughts about it, made me kinda sad, because I write since 2016 and my blog is like a little baby that I saw growing. We had up and downs. I remember that I lost my blog in April 2018, shortly before I came to the USA. All the work was just gone. But I didn’t want to give up, so I sit down for  hours on my laptop to create a new Website and trust me, I had no idea what I´m doing. I never give up and you can see the results now.

BUT now I am back. The only think that is gonna change here is that I´m not writing longer in German and that I don’t have a special day, where I´m gonna post.

That’s it for now.

The only thing that I wanna tell you quick is: PLEASE note that my english is still not perfect and I do still some mistakes, but I give my best to check everything. But I´m sure you can still understand me. 🙂


Sabrina <3


PS: Here you find me on Youtube

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